Liquiteria Juice Cleanse.

Just after Thanksgiving (and a less-than-healthy month of eating), I decided it was time to try my first real juice cleanse. I'd tried pressed juices before and I was a fan of most, but I'd heard such great things about Liquiteria from some friends that I had to make the trip to the Lower East Side to see what they were all about.

First of all, such a cute place. Very colorful, the staff was helpful and you don't feel pressured to bite off more than you can chew (err, sip more than you can swallow?). I met with Ross, who discussed the various cleanses that they offer and provided a 24 hour juice cleanse that met my preferences and lifestyle.

Second, the juices were completely drinkable - most were downright delicious. All Greens with Apple, Lemon & Ginger was the favorite. And this is coming from someone who typically doesn't do green drinks. Maybe because my father was so adamant about us eating all of our spinach as a kid, despite the fact that it was often watery and maybe a little frozen in some places? These were great, and I never felt hungry.

While Liquiteria only has one location in the city thus far, I hear they're in the process of securing more space in lower Manhattan with new shops to open as soon as Q1 of 2013. Highly recommend!

See here for more information about juice cleansing. I consulted with an RD before cleansing, and you should do the same.

The good people at Liquiteria provided this cleanse for my review.