More Christmas in the City.

Our weekend was spent enjoying some of the wonderful things that the Christmas season brings to New York - walking up to Lincoln Center with Gus to see the Christmas lights (for the record, he didn't seem overly impressed), holiday shopping in Bryant Park, watching families tote their Christmas trees home while eating brunch on the Upper West Side (my heart can only take so much cuteness. especially whilst downing a quart of Le Pain's hazelnut spread), and experiencing ABC Family's lineup of every Christmas movie you ever hoped to see (and some you'd rather not see).

We also picked up a "Bah Humbug" t-shirt for Gus while out on Saturday, because dressing him up is one of my truest joys in life. And oh. my. goodness. does he look adorable in it. I spent thirty minutes chasing him around to get a decent photo of him in it. You know... back turned, light enough to read the text on the shirt, head turned to the side, disgruntled expression. I got a lot of the disgruntled expression, but not much else, so we called it a day with the photo above.

Happy December!