Admittedly, other people's resolutions are pretty boring to read, but I do think there's value in writing something down, especially as I reflect on resolutions for 2012 and 2011. A few goals for 2013:

  • Marriage: Read more books together. Experience one new thing each month, whether it's a new restaurant, new hobby or new place. Surprise, encourage and praise him. Delight in sharing responsibility for our pup. Find the best pizza in NYC. 
  • Faith: Get more involved in volunteer work at our church. Discuss church membership. Take more time for prayer and reading. Continue to attend small group. 
  • Family: Appreciate more. Sacrifice more. Set aside more one-on-one time. Join in celebrations of weddings, graduations, birthdays and births. 
  • Vegetarianism: After a good deal of reading and discussion about the subject, I've made the decision to eliminate meat from my diet in 2013. It's a choice I've made for a variety of health reasons - much of the meat that I can afford to eat is filled with antibiotics and steroids, meatless diets have been shown to reduce a risk of heart disease and some cancers, and I'm already receiving more than the RDI of protein. That said, I know that there are environmental and animal-welfare implications of eating certain meats, as well. Some opinions on meatless diets (pro and con) from Mark Bittman and Michael Pollan
  • Other Nutrition: Incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Take folate, Vitamin D and Vitamin A supplements. Get more prebiotics and probiotics from onions, garlic and yogurt. Take Omax each day. Try new recipes. 
  • Work & Education: Continue to study nutrition through the Tufts Friedman School, listen to lectures and read more essays and books. Get to work early, but don't stay too late. 
  • Fitness: Continue with four days of cardio each week and three days of strength training. Try at least one new class. 
  • Finances: Lay out a new budget and continue to support our sponsored child and pay off student loans. Set aside a portion of the budget for our summer trip. 

Happy New Year!