22 Days Nutrition Bars.

When I first read 22 Days' manifesto, I was pretty sure we could be friends. "We believe in the idea of embracing great foods, not avoiding bad ones"? Preach. "We believe that a great workout is its own reward"? Me, too! "We believe we have the power to effect change"? Why yes, yes we do.

And then I realized that they had a bar called "Enlightened Pumpkinseed". I was smitten. 

I had the opportunity to try out each of the 22 Days Nutrition Bars this past week - in the morning, on the way to the gym, at my desk. These are the real deal. Vegan, organic, gluten free, soy free and filled with magical deliciousness like mangos, acacia, and dates. The Pineapple Chocolate Chip Wonder is now my snack of choice. 

See here for more information. And try them. Really. 

The good people at 22 Days provided the bars for my review.