Looking back.

Last night we went out on a double date with a soon-to-be-married couple; at this stage in our lives, a number of our friends are planning weddings. It has me so excited for the blessings that are in store for them. Especially for those couples that we've come to know and grown to love over years and conversations and shared experience (ahem, Heather and Brian).

Selfishly, it also has me thinking back to that time of anticipation in our own lives, which instigated the birth of this blog. It's one of the most unique stages of life - so fleeting but so memorable.


Long Island Bridal Shower.

My sweet friend DJ gets married in less than two months.

This weekend our small group headed out to Long Island to celebrate with the many women who love her. It's such a blessing to be a part of these girls' lives - watching them take on new stages, new challenges and opportunities for love and growth gives me so much joy. Truly, this community has had such a wonderful impact on my life, and I am so excited for this lovely lady.


Central Park at night.

The other day we took a walk through Central Park as evening became night, and while I don't suggest doing it alone, I think it's one of the more beautiful walks here in the city. It was like we had the whole place to ourselves.

It was also freezing and we both got sick afterward, but I'm pretty sure it was worth it. Lesson learned: wear heavier coats.


Brooklyn Bowl.

On Monday night I headed out to Williamsburg for a friend's graduation celebration at the Brooklyn Bowl. It has such a fun vibe, it made me like bowling, despite the fact that I am atrociously bad at it. They delivered appetizers, bread pudding and wine to our lane, brought us bowling shoes in a little basket and didn't overtly hate on us for being those girls who probably definitely care more about talking and eating than they do about, you know, bowling.

p.s. I bet you couldn't tell which picture was taken by my iPhone...


College friends.

We're spending the long weekend with old friends - some visiting from out of town and some who live right here in the city, disconnected by busy schedules. It's always nice to hear how our friends' lives have developed since we stopped sharing regular meals, study sessions, even dorm rooms. We miss those things sometimes, but life continues to move forward.

Over the last two days, we've eaten four different types of cuisine and spent a couple of hours in a hotel rooftop pool. Isn't it scary how pale February skin is (you know, for us of German/English descent)? Like Casper and Edward Cullen had a pale, pale baby.


A day of love, belated.

I wasn't crazy about Valentine's Day growing up. It was awkward writing cards to my whole elementary school class (especially to the boy that I had a crush on/that girl who wasn't particularly nice) and I dressed under the conviction that wearing red and pink together made people look like Minnie Mouse. But with each passing year, the holiday grows on me; not just because of the day's namesake (which is lovely), but because I think it's a great excuse for us to remind our friends and family that they are loved.

In the midst of what has turned out to be the most insane week, we had a lovely, quiet evening together at Malatesta in the West Village to celebrate.

We've been together for nine Valentine's Days now, and writing love notes to that boy I have a crush on is no longer awkward. But I stand by my no-red-on-pink policy.


Aster Elliott Catwalk Cleanse.

I recently had the chance to try out Aster Elliott's Catwalk Cleanse, which was so easy to follow I sometimes forgot that I was cleansing (no, really).
Aster sends a collection of products - a powder for smoothies (berry + almond milk!) for breakfast and dinner, Glamour Greens to add to water and drink throughout the day, supplements to take in the morning and at night, a guide for lunchtime eating and the most delicious Beauty Bars. You're also allowed an occasional apple and almonds, and I never once felt hungry throughout five days of cleansing.
For skin restoration, the Catwalk Cleanse comes with body wash and post-shower serum that smells lovely and gives you a catwalk-ready glow. That's a real thing, I think.

I was a little hesitant to work out during, but I didn't notice any energy decrease so I didn't change my gym routine. Honestly, I had more endurance while on the cleanse than I do now that I'm off - I think there's something to the whole raw eating concept. If it weren't for my love of homemade toaster pastries (are we talking about that again?), I might swear off everything else completely.

In any case, try this one. Aster Elliott is onto something!

The good people at Aster Elliott provided this cleanse for my review. 


Sunday supper.

We've started a new tradition in our home - Sunday supper (how very British of us!). We're together in the kitchen a fair amount already, but wanted to designate a time to try new recipes, talk and sit down to a meal together before we begin another work week.

This morning we threw these things into the crockpot before we headed to church. When we got home, the whole apartment smelled like garlic and onions. It's a pretty great way to conclude the weekend.


Rear window.

We're hibernating this Friday night, thanks to Nemo. And in spite of the fact that the storm prevented the visit of my dear friend Loo this weekend (we're really bumming), Nemo sure is pretty.

Stay safe and warm, wherever you are.


The sick season.

I've been battling some kind of illness over the last week, but refused to admit it, lest it get the best of me. On Monday evening I headed to the gym in hopes that all I really needed was a little endorphin pick-me-up, but 15 minutes into it I knew that I had been bested. You win, you sly harbinger of tissue mountains and coughing fits. You win. 

So I resigned myself to the couch for the last 30+ hours and I'm pretty sure I've never been more attractive in my life. Those shapeless sweatpants you hoped you'd never see again after college? Wearing them right now, my friends.

Thankfully, I live with the best snugglers around and I think we're turning a corner.


Central Park and Matisse (and some churros for good measure).

Yesterday we took a cold, leisurely walk across Central Park to the Upper East Side. A while back, we'd heard about a new churro place that my husband, the churro-lover, had to try out. (Twist my arm, already.) And we decided that we need to move cake pops and frozen yogurt out of the way to make room for a churro trend. Churros are where it's at, my friends.

We then walked a few blocks over to the Met to check out the Matisse exhibit, which is stunning in the truest sense of the word. I'm in awe of the way painters see the world, and his many perspectives put my limited artistic vision to shame.

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the museum hand in hand, because we're in love.