Aster Elliott Catwalk Cleanse.

I recently had the chance to try out Aster Elliott's Catwalk Cleanse, which was so easy to follow I sometimes forgot that I was cleansing (no, really).
Aster sends a collection of products - a powder for smoothies (berry + almond milk!) for breakfast and dinner, Glamour Greens to add to water and drink throughout the day, supplements to take in the morning and at night, a guide for lunchtime eating and the most delicious Beauty Bars. You're also allowed an occasional apple and almonds, and I never once felt hungry throughout five days of cleansing.
For skin restoration, the Catwalk Cleanse comes with body wash and post-shower serum that smells lovely and gives you a catwalk-ready glow. That's a real thing, I think.

I was a little hesitant to work out during, but I didn't notice any energy decrease so I didn't change my gym routine. Honestly, I had more endurance while on the cleanse than I do now that I'm off - I think there's something to the whole raw eating concept. If it weren't for my love of homemade toaster pastries (are we talking about that again?), I might swear off everything else completely.

In any case, try this one. Aster Elliott is onto something!

The good people at Aster Elliott provided this cleanse for my review.