Birthday in Boston.

I headed up to Boston this weekend for a dear friend's birthday celebration. We went out to dinner, danced through the evening and talked until 3am. I can't even believe that years have passed since we were getting ready for college dances together - now we're preparing for her wedding in August. And thank goodness for those college dances, because this girl taught me everything I ever needed to know about getting down to 90s pop music (if their wedding band only covers Hanson, no one will be surprised)...

Yesterday morning I reconnected with another friend who I haven't seen in a year. A year! And suddenly he's planning for the next stage in his life, one that will probably involve something wonderful and someplace farther than Boston. But secretly, I do hope he stays, because I will never stop being able to justify a 4 hour bus trip to see the people who have heard my stories a dozen times and rarely tell me so.