To Market, To Market.

On Sundays after church, we usually head over to the farmers' market next to the Museum of Natural History. Lately, the market has come alive with signs of spring. And I love it, I tell you. I love it.


Outdoor lunches.

I took the day off after working through this past weekend - there was nutrition schoolwork to catch up on, rugs to be vacuumed and walks to be had. Since the weather was so lovely, we headed down to the West Village for lunch and followed it up with coffee and macarons from Sugar & Plumm.

This time of year in New York is perfection, and we're so looking forward to more meals enjoyed outside and more walks to the park. Welcome, warm weather!


Peeled Snacks.

Have you tried Peeled Snacks?

A while back, the good people at Peeled sent us an enormous box full of delicious dried fruits like mangoes, apples and bananas. They also sent over their crunch products, which are the perfect afternoon desk snack, in my opinion.

My office is good enough to provide baskets of fruit in the kitchen areas in the morning, but I don't always want to commit to a whole apple or banana around 3pm. Enter Peeled Snacks - organic, natural and resealable.

We got so many of them, we've had to share with friends and family, who seem pretty happy with the arrangement.

Grab some at Starbucks or Whole Foods, next time you're out!


Beignets on the Mississippi.

After our conference ended this weekend, I was able to able to go out with a colleague and explore the city for a few hours. We ate beignets along the Mississippi River (can you think of anything more charming than eating beignets on the Mississippi? it sounds like poetry), walked the lamplit streets and wandered into old shops and cafes. I've never seen anything quite like New Orleans.

I'm back in New York now, where I'm appreciating husband and pup all the more after being apart for the last four days. When I'm gone, Blake says that Gus stops at every girl they pass on the street to see if it's me, which is both awkward (for Blake) and pathetically endearing (for me).

p.s. Did you know that during weddings in New Orleans, the wedding party and guests dance through the streets to jazz music while wearing jester hats and waving flags? It's amazing.


New Orleans.

I'm MIA again this week, as I'm at a work conference in New Orleans. My feet feel a bit like meatloaf at the moment. But I can't complain about the near 80 degree temperatures when we landed, or the ridiculous amount of seafood I've consumed over the past two days. And the architecture... NOLA, you're a stunner.

Have a great weekend!


How to spend a warm(ish) weekend in the city...

(try a new Thai place in the West Village with friends on Friday night)
(take a Saturday morning run down by Chelsea Piers)
(grab coffee and hush puppies at a Cajun restaurant on the block)
(wander Brooklyn Heights)
(then head into Cobble Hill and check out a bookstore)
(before taking a walk down by the water as the sun sets)
(make sour cream pancakes before church on Sunday)
(then admire trees blooming in the parks)
(take a quick nap in the afternoon)
(and polish off the weekend with a cup of tea on the fire escape)

Have a great week! 


Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

Just a quick note to say that my parents are the coolest people in the world, and they never do embarrassing things.

Haha. Just kidding. Here's another example of how my parents are seriously destroying my street cred and any hope I ever had of finding a girlfriend.

Sniffs and licks,


Sibling Day.

In honor of National Sibling Day (which I'm a day late for), I'm writing about my siblings. Sometimes I'm so original, I can't even stand it.

I have three siblings - all adults now. The two sisters as bookends, and a brother stuck in the middle with me. Often unbelievably different in ways that are hard to express. The way we interpret words on a page. The way we cope with frustrations and sadness and joy. The way we love, and the way we want to be loved.

But if given the choice between alike and different, I'd choose different every time.

My older sister is a teacher, a lover of books, a nurturer, a master of social work, an explorer. She's firm in her convictions, and can remember song lyrics better than anyone I know. She was my first friend. She was the one who did my makeup on my wedding day, rubbed my back through disappointments and was always a constant voice of reason.

My brother is a gardener, a weatherman, a pickup truck driver, a lover of discussion and of meeting new people. He can sleep through almost anything. He loves snow and rain, watches for it constantly. He's funny - sometimes when you least expect it. The back of his neck turns fire engine red every summer from working outside.

My younger sister is a softball player, a baker, an artist, a physical therapist in the making. She can be friends with anyone, regardless of age or background. She cares for her birds like they're children. She's not afraid of new adventures and challenges. Almost overnight, she's become a strong, beautiful young woman.

Today, even more than so many other days, I'm missing these faces.

Happy National Sibling Day to those who belong to me. I'm so glad that you do.


Evening at the pier.

I got home from work as the sun was setting on a beautiful, warm spring day. We took the pup down to the pier for a few minutes of very mild play at the dog park (he's still recovering from a weekend in Connecticut) and watched the sun set on the Hudson.


An April Wedding.

 Our friends DJ & BJ (yay for acronyms!) were married in Connecticut yesterday. I met DJ through our church small group and we immediately found common ground in our love of nutrition and communications. She's such a dear friend, and we loved celebrating their commitment last night.

Plus, the location is stunning, don't you think?


And a few photos from a spring weekend.

To be completely honest with you, I've never been in love with spring. What's that you say? I bet you hate sunsets and rainbows and puppies, too. I just don't know... of all the seasons, spring and I never really found friendship. Maybe something to do with the fact that I actually really enjoyed school as a kid, and spring marked the end of another year? Maybe the tease - the I-can't-decide-if-it's-warm-or-bitterly-cold of it all? Or maybe it's because Christmas is so darn far off in April?

In any case, I think we're turning a corner. This weekend, spring and I found some common ground. A happy place, if you will, nestled among the shops in the West Village, sung through open apartment windows and hidden in sweet little cafes discovered on Sunday afternoon walks.
p.s. there was a line the length of a block at our church on Sunday. wowza.
p.p.s. we made your overnight French toast, Grammy! it was delicious.