Beignets on the Mississippi.

After our conference ended this weekend, I was able to able to go out with a colleague and explore the city for a few hours. We ate beignets along the Mississippi River (can you think of anything more charming than eating beignets on the Mississippi? it sounds like poetry), walked the lamplit streets and wandered into old shops and cafes. I've never seen anything quite like New Orleans.

I'm back in New York now, where I'm appreciating husband and pup all the more after being apart for the last four days. When I'm gone, Blake says that Gus stops at every girl they pass on the street to see if it's me, which is both awkward (for Blake) and pathetically endearing (for me).

p.s. Did you know that during weddings in New Orleans, the wedding party and guests dance through the streets to jazz music while wearing jester hats and waving flags? It's amazing.