The Esplanade on Monday Night.

 ^^we never, ever pose in the subway station while we're waiting for a train. never.^^
We headed down to the Esplanade on Monday night - one of our favorite spots in the city. You can hear yourself think down there on weekends, which seems to be a rarity in this place that we call home. 

So we took the boardwalk and made it our mission to find husband a good burger. Naturally, we ended up at Shake Shack, where I discovered that (a) mushroom burgers are kind of where it's at and (b) lemon meringue custard completes me. 


10K on Roosevelt Island: Run the World.

On this gorgeous Memorial Day morning, I ran a 10K to support the work that She's the First is doing to send girls in the developing world to school this year. I talked a little bit about this cause here, and I encourage you to get involved if you can! There's still time to run this spring/early summer, so get out there.

A special thank you to those who supported financially. Your generosity means so much to me and the impact of these funds are global and enduring. Thank you, thank you.


A long weekend.

We escaped the city this weekend to spend some time with our families. We have two siblings who are graduating from high school and college this year, and these things are worth celebrating. Plus, we saw it as an opportunity to stop by Pepe's.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, wherever you are!


Green Smoothie.

I recently discovered this green smoothie that I've been making for breakfast every morning. I'm really all about it, and I recommend it to anyone who asks.

You're not asking, but I'm recommending. Blogs are fun in that way.

1 large orange
1/2 of a banana
6 strawberries
2 cups of spinach
1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 cup of ice

Directions can be found on Two Peas and Their Pod. If you couldn't tell at this point, I follow their blog religiously. 


The Rainiest Sunday.

This afternoon we walked the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain, which might sound romantic - very Nora Ephron-esque. It's not, really. There's actually nothing attractive about fighting wind with umbrella and squishing in your shoes. But we did it, and we congratulated ourselves for it; after a sum of nearly 2 1/2 years living in New York, this was the first time we walked the bridge. Shocking, I know.

After the trek, we headed into Cobble Hill for brunch. We stumbled upon Brucie, a sweet little Italian restaurant that also sells a variety of imported pastas, olive oils and sauces. And because we were far too close to The Chocolate Room to pass it up, we grabbed a banana milkshake on the way home.
 ^^see how much Blake enjoyed it?!^^
^^guys, I was wearing THE coolest purple tights. it's a shame you can't see them.^^

Happy Sunday to you all! 


Los Cabos: Sunset Cruising

On our last full day in Los Cabos, we headed down to Cabo San Lucas for a sunset cruise. We were definitely the youngest ones there, but I prefer that.

We watched the sun set as we ate cheese, drank red wine and listened to jazz. The perfect way to end a vacation.
 ^^Blake saw a sea lion sitting on a rock. It was the highlight of his life the trip. He gets very excited about animals in their natural habitats.^^
^^Land's End - where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez^^


Los Cabos: Safariing

On the second day of our vacation, we headed off to the far southern shore of the peninsula for a rhino safari (We were not riding actual rhinos. I discovered the need to clarify when my friend Loo questioned whether there are rhinos in Mexico. There aren't.) It was a semi-private tour, with only our tour guide and one other tourist who made it out at that early morning hour.

And it. was. stunning. I've never seen a beach so seemingly untouched. It was worth every scratch from protruding branches on the too-narrow path that took us there. Plus, our tour guide told us stories of poisonous snakes and spider nests. Win-win!


To my mother, on Mother's Day.

I remember being ten, lining up pencils alongside math books I had received for Christmas, intended for this purpose; these books were for my siblings, and I was their teacher. For as long as they would let me, I would pretend that this was a preschool, and I the greatest instructor that ever lived.

In college, I spent a few months believing that this was the path I was meant to take. I would graduate, teach second grade and move back to Connecticut, nearer to my parents and to the boy who had stolen my heart in high school. It was my father who changed my mind, ultimately. His encouragement in other directions, given what he knew of my professional strengths and weaknesses. 

At times, memories of that early passion return to me. Usually when I speak to my mother about the way that she spends her days. A teacher herself, she is the reason why I considered the job, after all. But the term does so little to appreciate the person that she is - more than an instructor, she is a lover of beauty, and she sees beauty in every student who has the privilege of entering her classroom. 

As I entered middle school, my mother assumed the role of principal at the school that she and a few other ambitious parents had started years before. We sat on the floor of my parents' bedroom when she asked me how I felt about her taking on the job. Middle school is hard enough without your parent acting as disciplinarian. Isn't it only natural that children should dislike their principal? Isn't this the stuff that movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off are made of? Perhaps it was my naivety or the related fact that we didn't have cable (or access to movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off) until much later, but I was thrilled by the idea. In fact, I was proud of my mother when I passed her in the halls. I was proud of how hard she worked and how passionate she was about that work. Certainly, there were downsides to being the teacher's kid, but the positives outweighed every time. 

For years, I worried that my choice to change career paths had let my mother down somehow. Had revealed less of herself in me and put more distance between us, beyond the years that were making me far less her little girl, and more of the adult that I was painstakingly becoming. 

It was only when I started my own work - this work that excites me and tires me and drives me and overwhelms me - that I began to understand how many of my best attributes are those that came from my mother. Much of the way that I approach my work, my home and my life has come from her. Where I was afraid of becoming too unlike my mother in the most literal ways, I turn around and hear myself speaking her words and seeing the potential that she's seen so beautifully in the lives around her. 

I believe that small cruelties and kindnesses have echoes that are felt through generations. Similarly, there are echoes to our mothers' examples, however derivative or differentiated those responses may seem. And my goodness, am I blessed to have this graceful, godly, beauty-seeking mother. In all the ways that matter, I do hope we're more alike than not. 


Los Cabos: Sunshine & Sunset

There's something about travel that ignites a spark in me. A lovely little flame that's fanned by new experience, distraction-free conversation and vulnerability. I never thought I'd say it: there's a vulnerability to be appreciated, even enjoyed. Where I am largely a planner and a stresser, travel says, "Ain't got no time for that". And between connecting flights, views that take your breath away and getting by in a foreign (it really shouldn't be a this point, but it is) language, there is this wonderful, slightly uncomfortable place where we're learning together. Growing together. And, for goodness sake, isn't that one of the fundamental joys of marriage?

Over the last week, I was reminded that life is infinitely more beautiful when you're doing things that grow you, inspire you. And doing those things with someone you love? Really, you can't ask for much more out of this life. 

So here are some initial photos from our vacation. More to come when we're not recovering from a red-eye and snuggling a pup who spent the week here in the city with his Aunt Jessi. Oh, the pup-snuggles. We've missed them like crazy.
 ^^view from our balcony when we first arrived^^
 ^^Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa - highly recommended^^  
 ^^husband's first time in western waters. shockingly similar to eastern waters ;)^^
 ^^I'm obsessed with anything by Kate Morton these days. The Forgotten Garden is such a good read.^^
 ^^we watched these horses from our balcony every afternoon. their owner would park them right on the beach, and one would rest its head in the other's saddle. so, so sweet.^^