Los Cabos: Sunshine & Sunset

There's something about travel that ignites a spark in me. A lovely little flame that's fanned by new experience, distraction-free conversation and vulnerability. I never thought I'd say it: there's a vulnerability to be appreciated, even enjoyed. Where I am largely a planner and a stresser, travel says, "Ain't got no time for that". And between connecting flights, views that take your breath away and getting by in a foreign (it really shouldn't be a this point, but it is) language, there is this wonderful, slightly uncomfortable place where we're learning together. Growing together. And, for goodness sake, isn't that one of the fundamental joys of marriage?

Over the last week, I was reminded that life is infinitely more beautiful when you're doing things that grow you, inspire you. And doing those things with someone you love? Really, you can't ask for much more out of this life. 

So here are some initial photos from our vacation. More to come when we're not recovering from a red-eye and snuggling a pup who spent the week here in the city with his Aunt Jessi. Oh, the pup-snuggles. We've missed them like crazy.
 ^^view from our balcony when we first arrived^^
 ^^Bel Air Collection Resort & Spa - highly recommended^^  
 ^^husband's first time in western waters. shockingly similar to eastern waters ;)^^
 ^^I'm obsessed with anything by Kate Morton these days. The Forgotten Garden is such a good read.^^
 ^^we watched these horses from our balcony every afternoon. their owner would park them right on the beach, and one would rest its head in the other's saddle. so, so sweet.^^