Heather's Bachelorette & Keep in Touch.

^^my default slouch was out of control this weekend^^
This weekend we booked a hotel room 7 blocks (7 whole blocks!) from our apartment for Heather's bachelorette party. The girls came down on Saturday and we had a little celebration for the bride-to-be here in midtown. Thai food, a comedy club, dancing, bride sashes, blistered feet, a brunch of tea and scones, long walks and large crowds were all involved. It was the perfect way to eulogize Heather's bachelorette-hood, and ring in this wonderful new role that she'll be adopting in less than 40 days.

(for Band-Aids over ankles worn)
(for linked arms under city lights)
(for the excitement of commitment to come)

Also, I hear that Google Reader will be no more as of tomorrow. To stay in touch, you can follow over on Bloglovin'