The morning of.

Dear husband, 

Our wedding day went by like they said it would - in a blur. Pulling away from the reception, I remember talking about how quickly it had passed. All that planning, and then there we were... husband and wife. 

But I remember that morning with such clarity. The way my sister applied my makeup. The way our hairdresser curled each strand into a bun on the lower right side of my head. The way my girls crowded around, holding my hands and whispering that I looked lovely, happy. The way I caught my own smile in a mirror's reflection and recognized myself as (suddenly! wonderfully!) a bride. So much expectation in those scattered moments. 

That was three years ago this week. Since that morning, we've seen challenges and great blessing. We've celebrated weddings (and here and here and here and here), graduations and job changes. We've traveled (to Disney more times than I care to admit), moved and moved again. We discovered new things to love about each other, fared hurricanes and celebrated momentous birthdays. We adopted an English Bulldog and we embarrass him daily. 

If I'd been able to see what was ahead of us on our wedding morning, I would have been even more in awe of God's direction. In the valley and on the mountain, His plans are filled with beautiful purpose. And the more I live, the more I realize that these experiences are so much better with you by my side. You are my greatest blessing in this life. 

I love you, always.