Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends -

I have big news. Yesterday, I met my soulmate while I was out on my morning walk with Mom. She was two (a little bit older than me, but I like that), had a fluffy tail (it was the fluffiest!) and smelled like cheeses (there's no better smell). I could tell that we were soulmates because my tail wiggled a lot when I saw her. That happens when I get excited about anything, but I was ESPECIALLY wiggly when I met her.

I'm trying to convince my parents that we should adopt her, but they say our apartment is too small and kidnapping is illegal. It's stupid, really. There's more than enough room for the four of us on the couch, and I'm sure her owner would understand that we're in love.

It's like Romeo and Juliet, except real life.

Sniffs and licks,