Thoughts from Gus.


There is a proper way to eat a pancake. Most dogs don't do it correctly.

First, make sure you sniff it a lot. Approach it carefully, so that you know it's not a trick. It's very hard to recognize when you're in for a surprise bath.

Next, give it a taste. If it doesn't taste like a vegetable or something you might find in your bowl on a regular basis (in which case, what's the point, really?), you can accept the pancake as an acceptable offering from your human.

Finally, pace yourself. Make sure you spit out each bite a few times so you can triple-confirm that it's actually food. Like I said, you can never be too careful.

Note: I have yet to meet a pancake I didn't like. But you should definitely follow this policy with anything green and anything wrapped in cheese (pills and such).

Sniffs and licks,


Morning by the pool.

^^see our pup advertising for husband's company? we finally have him pulling his weight around here.^^
We woke up at my parents' house in Connecticut - back again for a beautiful summer weekend and our pup's continued recovery from his surgery. Blake has been here with Gus since last week, putting up with our conehead's shenanigans. He's a rockstar.

But this morning we were back together, swimming laps in the morning sun and reading on the deck. It's really the best way to start a weekend, in my opinion.

(for a husband who pulls double-duty like it ain't no thing) 
(for tanned shoulders, long books and the smell of fresh cut grass)
(for barbecues around a fire pit with family)


Walking up the Hudson.

Tonight I took a long walk from my office in Soho to a friend's apartment on the Upper West Side. Walking along the Hudson River is stunningly beautiful, especially in warmer months. I run the path fairly frequently on the weekends, but it's always nice to take things at a slower pace. You notice more - an older couple leaning into each other as they cross the street, conversations between children setting up for outdoor movies, mothers counting change for ice cream. Poetry, I tell you.

In other news, I just discovered The Staves, so that's making me terribly happy.



^^I tried a vegan place in the Village with a friend; while I'm not a huge fan of faux meat, I'm always game for anything that looks like a waffle. Husband sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to my office on our anniversary.^^
^^Husband also made a s'more cake for my birthday, because he's awesome like that. Gus and I snuggled one Saturday morning.^^
^^I headed back to Bubby's with some friends, and we discovered that the old photo booth in their basement is really more of a two-person deal. Gus had a minor surgery, which worried us both silly; he's on the mend.^^
^^I've been trying new yoga classes on days when my knees are acting up and we shared a light, simple dinner one Sunday evening.^^
^^We've been spending a few summer weekends with our families in our hometown, because something about the warm weather makes us miss them (and my parents' pool) terribly.^^
^^We've been appreciating free air conditioning all over the city, especially in some of our favorite museums. We watched the neighborhood community come together for a 4th of July barbecue in our secret garden.^^
^^I went out for tapas with Loo and one of her roommates when I was up in Cambridge a few weekends ago. My office set out a latte maker, and it has been the savior of my afternoons.^^
^^Loo and I were twins for a day. Blake and Gus enjoyed the shade of my parents' back deck.^^
^^We found rock and roll in Brooklyn earlier this summer, and fell asleep to the sound of pup snores one Sunday afternoon.^^


Italian food from our tiny kitchen.

The other night, Blake and I were craving Italian food, per usual. I headed to Raffetto's after work and we committed to the task of making chicken parm (for Blake) and eggplant parm (for me). And it is an undertaking. Whenever we cook together, we end up bumping elbows at least a dozen times in our wee tiny kitchen. We also ended up eating after 11pm, so there's that...

But is it worth it? Oh, is it ever worth it. Plus, it gives us leftovers for at least three days.

(for kitchens, even when they're tiny)
(for mozzarella cheese and a dog who loves it more than we do)
(for late night conversations over furniture that we put together just under two years ago)


A weekend in Florida.

I had a conference for one of my clients down in Florida on Monday morning, so naturally husband and I had to fly down there bright and early on Saturday to make a weekend out of it. It ended up being one of the best weekends we've had in a long time.

Fun fact: we've been to Disney World 4 times in the last 3 years of marriage. I doubt you know anyone quite as cool as us.
^^this was the view from our hotel room. we wanted to move in.^^
^^admittedly, I abused my thumbs-up privileges on this trip.^^
(for a job that pushes boundaries and allows new experiences)
(for places that bring you back to an age when disbelief was readily suspended)
(for fireworks over a glass of wine)


East Side.

Last weekend we spent an afternoon wandering a neighborhood that was once so familiar to us. We ended up at the Met, spent a few (very, very hot) minutes on the rooftop, walked the Reservoir, grabbed a churro (or twelve) and made our way back home through Central Park. 

Some of my fondest memories of the city are on the Upper East Side. It's so clean, so quiet, gives so much hope for eventual family life here in the city. When I, and eventually we, stayed at my grandparents' apartment on 87th, I ran the Reservoir frequently. It gave me time to think about and plan for a life somewhat resembling what we have now. In some ways, those were the moments that made me fall head over heels for this place. 

(for gorgeous city views)
(for children running after sailboats on Friday afternoons)
(for memories, more fond than not)


The pants.

So the other day I was having a casual retail experience when, as luck would have it, I stumbled upon these pants. And I was like, expandable waist? breathable fabric? elastic bottoms that can be pulled over heels for maximum comfort? yes. oh, yes. 

I mean, can you even believe how classy I look in these bad boys and pearls? Blake was only too happy to capture some of the magnificence.


Village wandering.

The other evening we took a long walk around Greenwich Village, taking in the sounds of summer. Canopied restaurants, sidewalks and bodegas come alive with the season.

(for neighborhoods that wake at sunset)
(for hands to hold, arms to link) 
(for souls that find rest in a place of constant yearning)



Early this afternoon, husband and I went to Balthazar for a little holiday brunch. I've walked past the restaurant a few dozen times by now, and have been dying to try it.

No disappointment here. We're huge fans.

(for four day weekends with husband) 
(for warmth, even when it seems excessive) 
(for waffles. for beautiful, delicious waffles.) 


4th of July on the Hudson.

Friends, I think we had the laziest Independence Day on record. We spent most of the morning and half of the afternoon inside (smack dab in front of the AC) reading. And it. was. lovely.

Later in the evening, we headed over to our friends' rooftop overlooking the Hudson for a little barbecue and some fireworks. We even tuned in to Usher's accompaniment, which was slightly more like "we love you, Usher" and slightly less like "we love you, America." But we do love you, America. Truly. You have such a bold history and hold so much potential; we are honored to be a part of that.

Happy (belated) Independence Day!

(for sunsets over water, with boats filtering in and out of view)
(for red, white and blue yogurt parfaits) 
(for a beautiful country filled with beautiful people)