East Side.

Last weekend we spent an afternoon wandering a neighborhood that was once so familiar to us. We ended up at the Met, spent a few (very, very hot) minutes on the rooftop, walked the Reservoir, grabbed a churro (or twelve) and made our way back home through Central Park. 

Some of my fondest memories of the city are on the Upper East Side. It's so clean, so quiet, gives so much hope for eventual family life here in the city. When I, and eventually we, stayed at my grandparents' apartment on 87th, I ran the Reservoir frequently. It gave me time to think about and plan for a life somewhat resembling what we have now. In some ways, those were the moments that made me fall head over heels for this place. 

(for gorgeous city views)
(for children running after sailboats on Friday afternoons)
(for memories, more fond than not)