^^I tried a vegan place in the Village with a friend; while I'm not a huge fan of faux meat, I'm always game for anything that looks like a waffle. Husband sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to my office on our anniversary.^^
^^Husband also made a s'more cake for my birthday, because he's awesome like that. Gus and I snuggled one Saturday morning.^^
^^I headed back to Bubby's with some friends, and we discovered that the old photo booth in their basement is really more of a two-person deal. Gus had a minor surgery, which worried us both silly; he's on the mend.^^
^^I've been trying new yoga classes on days when my knees are acting up and we shared a light, simple dinner one Sunday evening.^^
^^We've been spending a few summer weekends with our families in our hometown, because something about the warm weather makes us miss them (and my parents' pool) terribly.^^
^^We've been appreciating free air conditioning all over the city, especially in some of our favorite museums. We watched the neighborhood community come together for a 4th of July barbecue in our secret garden.^^
^^I went out for tapas with Loo and one of her roommates when I was up in Cambridge a few weekends ago. My office set out a latte maker, and it has been the savior of my afternoons.^^
^^Loo and I were twins for a day. Blake and Gus enjoyed the shade of my parents' back deck.^^
^^We found rock and roll in Brooklyn earlier this summer, and fell asleep to the sound of pup snores one Sunday afternoon.^^