Thoughts from Gus.


There is a proper way to eat a pancake. Most dogs don't do it correctly.

First, make sure you sniff it a lot. Approach it carefully, so that you know it's not a trick. It's very hard to recognize when you're in for a surprise bath.

Next, give it a taste. If it doesn't taste like a vegetable or something you might find in your bowl on a regular basis (in which case, what's the point, really?), you can accept the pancake as an acceptable offering from your human.

Finally, pace yourself. Make sure you spit out each bite a few times so you can triple-confirm that it's actually food. Like I said, you can never be too careful.

Note: I have yet to meet a pancake I didn't like. But you should definitely follow this policy with anything green and anything wrapped in cheese (pills and such).

Sniffs and licks,