How to spend an afternoon in Williamsburg.

We love finding our way to Williamsburg - just far enough outside of Manhattan for it to feel like we've escaped, and close enough for us to be okay leaving the pup. Williamsburg has tons of things to do and places to eat, and the Manhattan skyline looks phenomenal when you head down to the East River. If you have some time to explore Williamsburg, here's what you should have on your list:
^^once you get off the subway at Bedford, take a left and stop in the Bedford Cheese Shop. grab some of their cheese and Mast Brothers Chocolate.^^
^^check out one of the many booksellers that line the street - the selection is usually a step above what you'll see from other street vendors in Manhattan.^^
 ^^have an alfresco lunch at Fabiane's.^^
 ^^and stop at Smorgasburg (if you're there on a Saturday in warmer months) for Grady's Cold Brew or Dough...or one of the other million delicious foods that are available.^^
^^peruse vintage shops for non-working clocks, crazy paintings or a home phone from 1990. you will not be disappointed.^^

There you have it: the recipe for a stellar Brooklyn afternoon. 
(and if you have a bit more time, check out the Brooklyn Bowl and the Brooklyn Brewery.)