In case you were interested in my bathroom walls.

 ^^This breakfast smoothie is amazing. Also, dog bum.^^
With Blake and Gus out of town for the last few weeks, we're just getting back into the swing of our routine. We had a whole list of highly glamorous tasks to accomplish today (gym, hardware store, order contacts, file pet insurance claim... we could hardly wait to wake up and get started). But it's the little things, isn't it? Gosh, I've missed these little things.

And BIG NEWS. We painted our bathroom.

Feel free to disregard this backstory, as it's the most boring of all time and really only exists as self-congratulatory documentation:

We live in an old walkup in Hell's Kitchen. It's filled with gay couples and their dogs, students of Fordham, a couple of families with mysterious sources of income and a super who makes a lot of promises (we aren't holding our breath for the new stove). An eclectic place, but not a fancy one. And because the whole apartment renting situation is something I didn't grow up with, the boundaries of apartment repair responsibility are also somewhat foreign.

Example: the peeling paint on the bathroom walls (the ventilating screen is one million years old) that drives me absolutely bananas. Bananas, I'm telling you.

For months (more than a year?) I've looked at that peeling paint and thought, Is this my responsibility? Probably. Do I have the time to paint the bathroom right now? Probably not. Should I re-prioritize so that I can take care of this situation that makes me insane every single day? Probably. 

These conversations with myself. They could go on forever.

The point being, we finally had enough of these shenanigans and painted the bathroom this morning. Words can't even describe my joy in this moment. Please excuse me while I go stare at my bathroom walls.