Pancakes in bed, and other weekend things.

Our weekend was one of: 
*pizza in Brooklyn Bridge Park (I'm convinced there's no better way to spend a Friday night)
*walks/runs/picnics in Central Park (when the city starts to get me down, CP is always the cure)  
*leisurely mornings with pancakes in bed (next to a snoring pup, who can do no wrong these days)
*knitting (scarves, anyone? because that's all I know how to make)   
*zucchini bread baking (we broke our grater while grating a giant zucchini. woops.)
*a trip up to Columbia (Grant's Tomb is out of this world. also, can I go back to college?) 
*brunch at Sardi's with my grandparents (we love spontaneous visits!) 
*dinner at Absolute Bagels (recommended: the blueberry cream cheese)
*reading (I jumped back into this, which is great)

p.s. Have you had kombucha? I've gotten a little obsessed. I get this kind at Dig Inn. Probiotics for the win!

Happy Monday!