Weekends in August.

We're wrapping up our August weekends, which have been good to us this year. Lots of visits with family, flowers for our kitchen, long walks around our favorite neighborhoods and double dates with friends. 

August saw good discussion around where we're at right now in our careers, in our dreams, in our marriage. It's been a month of phone calls from loved ones who ask what's up with us these days, but I think we're still fishing for answers. I'm not sure what's up with us this month. We're processing, I suppose. There is a time and season for that, and I'm grateful for it. 

(for popsicles on the High Line)
(for old brick buildings)
(for long walks that ignite conversation) 

p.s. I'm loving this song right now. 
p.p.s. And this is such a beautifully honest portrait of marriage. "You choose where you build your fire, and your heart listens to your choice." My goodness, those words are powerful and so, so true.