New phones, and other weekend things.

On Saturday, we spent an hour at the Midtown East Apple store, recycling my old phone and getting the new iPhone 5c. I'm relatively inept when it comes to mobile technology, and I hadn't ever backed up my previous phone on iCloud. The Apple staff was a little baffled, but I walked away with a brand new phone with all kinds of capabilities (most of which I'll never use), and I'm feeling like a new woman. It's kind of sad, I suppose. That little device has become such an extension of my social life, despite its rare software updates and app downloads.

We had such a great weekend. I'm sorry to see it go.

Other weekend things:
- I Love Lucy marathons. I'd like to go back in time and be Lucille Ball's best friend, please. 
- Late night grocery shopping = the makings of a wild and crazy date. 
- Running into friends after brunch in a plaza near our apartment. 
- Is it just me, or are there more pumpkin-flavored foods/drinks this year than ever before? I'm all about it. I grabbed pumpkin spice granola and made caramel stuffed pumpkin cookies this weekend, because I want fall to explode out of this apartment. This might be the last time I talk about pumpkin? But probably not. 
- A walk up 5th Avenue past the Central Park Zoo. 
- Early runs and a morning by the Central Park Baseball Fields with husband and pup. 
- Long afternoon reads and back rubs.
- Shopping for new street vendor art outside of the Met. 
- I've mentioned it before, but this sermon series has been so great. Highly recommend. 
- This soup, which I've eaten three times in three different states over the last week. It's a problem. 
- This song has been on repeat in our home. This candle is making our bathroom smell amazing. This store has been major trouble for me. This clip made us laugh so, so hard. 
- And there was pizza at John's


A silly, unsettled week.

Honestly, it's been a bit of an unsettled week around these parts. I'm just now taking a step back, taking stock, surveying the damage. And I'm being reminded, again and again, that much of life is what you make of it. That no matter how good you are, there is always, always someone better. That this New York City of ours is full of crazy, ambitious, incredible people who are just outside our front door, ready to be known and loved. That I have this terribly wonderful life. Truly.

Oh goodness, weekend. Give me perspective.

We came down from the week the only way we know how - soaking up our favorite neighborhoods, eating good food and snuggling a 70 pound pup on the couch. And there might have been a good cry in there somewhere. Can we all agree that a good cry is often just the thing we need?

(for early morning yoga with a dog who just can't tolerate the fact that he's not allowed to participate)
(for emails from friends to brighten the day) 


Go Way Better.

When we received a box of Way Better Snacks tortilla chips in the mail, we were all "oh my goodness, we'll never be able to eat all of these" and "we should definitely bring a few bags back to our families." And then we proceeded to polish off an entire bag in one sitting.

The "Sweeet Potato" was probably our favorite, but we loved every single flavor (even the chili flavor wasn't too spicy for my pathetically sensitive taste buds). We didn't try the limited edition "Punkin Cranberry" because it was only recently released, but we'll be grabbing that next time we're out.

I loved Way Better from the get-go because they're low in sodium and high in antioxidants. They're also gluten free and are made with pure, simple ingredients without tasting like cardboard. Seriously, they're delicious.

Find out where you can find them in your area here.

The good people at Way Better Snacks provided samples for my review. 


A weekend away.

We're away for the weekend - spending time in Connecticut to celebrate the births of some of the ones we love. It's been the perfect newly-autumn weekend.  This space an hour and a half away from the city can feel like a completely different world. The weather has been fantastic, the food delicious and the company wonderful.

A few weekend things:
*a lobster dinner by the pool in honor of my father.
*football with a little nugget who loves to run/rip apart anything resembling a toy.
*attempts to cure a cold.
*produce from my brother's garden. how beautiful does that look?
*a trip to IKEA. And ohhhh my goodness do we miss that store in the city.
*mornings on the back deck with pumpkin spice coffee.
*long walks down by the beach with my person and my pup.
*the Guilford Fair, which we haven't been to in years. we love a good fair.
*brunch at the Old Lyme Inn with all four of my grandparents. banana stuffed french toast. that's all I have to say about that.
*pumpkin hunting at a local orchard. we got a teeny tiny one that will fit our apartment quite nicely.


The first of the season.

I started to feel it coming on last night, but it's now official: I have my very first cold of the season.

I was in New Jersey meeting with clients for most of the afternoon, and the first disgusting symptoms (perpetually runny nose, inability to close your mouth for fear you won't be able to breathe through your nose, etc.) hit on the return trip. I headed straight home, wrapped myself in every blanket we own and cooked up a bowl of Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts aren't some magical cold cure, if you were wondering. They're just delicious.

I'm praying that this gross thing fades fairly quickly, as I'm headed to Connecticut for a visit tomorrow and my best snugglers (Blake and Gus, obviously) are already out there. On a crazier note, sickness seems to be the harbinger of full-fledged autumn, so that gets me (a little bit) excited.

(for the warmest, thickest blankets)
(for candles, even when you can't really smell them)
(for old reruns on tv)


Off seasons, and other weekend things.

Lately, we've been run ragged by the time the weekend rolls around. Not sure what it is - maybe we're still coming down from summer schedules?

And having the semester off from school has me feeling out of sorts. It's been two years since I graduated from college, but that first fall out of school was filled with the busyness of a new job and the following fall marked the beginning of my study with Tufts. With the final semester of my certification pushed to the spring due to course relevance, I feel like I'm constantly forgetting something. Perhaps it's time for a season of relative quiet? There is a discipline learned from that, also.

(for opportunities to grow, unexpectedly) 

I think God may be using this time to open a new window, but I'm not sure we're ready to say what that window is just yet.

Onto other things from our weekend:
*pumpkin bread making and pumpkin candle burning. we are all kinds of pumpkin over here.
*a sermon on wisdom from Tim Keller of the oh-wow-i-should-think-about-that-all-day variety. you can hear the first sermon in the series here.
*more runs and walks in the park. more trips to the grocery store.
*a trip to the flea market, where we found that beautiful ring. the funny thing? once i saw it again, i wasn't quite as gung-ho about it. the inability to make small, unimportant decisions strikes again.
*i know the whole best-pizza-in-NYC business is a highly controversial one, but I'm throwing this place in the ring. if i could bring one food to a deserted island, it would be the tomato and cheese pitza.
*afternoon naps and long reads (i just ordered this and this; both came highly recommended).
*williamsburg. there's something about it in the fall. we headed that way for Smorgasburg and a little vintage shopping on Saturday.
*outdoor brunch and knock-your-socks-off French toast.
*a new Halloween costume for Gus. i squealed like a small child when we saw it in the store. it's pretty incredible. we also found him a bow tie, which doesn't fit around his chubby neck. file those two under "necessary purchases."
*and of course there was Duncan.



Last night we went out to 54 Below to see Duncan Sheik perform. It was a completely wonderful date, partly because I adored Duncan back in high school (I must have played this song 1,503,439 times, much to the annoyance of everyone else in my home) and partly because there's nothing I enjoy more than being dressed up in my husband's company on a Friday night.

I wore red lipstick, as one does when seeing Duncan Sheik.

A big thank you to my grandparents for our anniversary gift!



 ^^this face.^^
 ^^we adore lentil snaps, by the way. the tomato basil variety is amazing.^^
Last year when we reached the end of summer, I wrote this post, which I now realize implies that we regularly picnic in Central Park. That was misleading.

Truth is, I married a man who doesn't enjoy eating on the ground, especially in warmer weather. It breaks my heart. So when I was able to convince this strict table/couch-eater to picnic with me a couple of weeks ago, I was elated. What luck! A real live picnic, just the two of us!

We stopped by our local market and walked up to the park for an evening of eating and reading. It was delightful, and I expect I can convince Blake to do it again in another 10 years. Can't wait!


Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

After maybe one too many pieces of cheeses (haha. that's funny. there can never be too many.) I've noticed a bit of chub collecting around my middle. I did some research on fitness and landed on yoga as the best option for me (are bulldogs allowed at the gym? note to self: must discuss with mom).

So far, I've mastered child's pose. I'm so, so good at it. I've considered becoming an instructor, but I have doubts about my leadership skills. Plus, I forget almost every appointment I make (with my toys and naps and such).

Still, if you're interested, I'll consider giving a private lesson. Please bring your own mat and bacon treats. Tips in the form of belly rubs.

Sniffs and licks,


The ring, and other weekend things.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I'm a fairly inflexible person. When we've made a plan, that is The Plan. There is no Plan B. Come hell or high water, The Plan must be followed. It's something that I seem to be working on constantly, and I recognize it as one of my more unattractive faults. 

Enter this beautiful morning. On the way home from church, we (or maybe I?) made a plan to stop by a flea market to get a stunning ring that I have been thinking about for over a month now. I was completely thrilled about finally getting that little ring. Until we walked the market once. And then again. And then one more time. No booth with my lovely ring. 

I moped for about five minutes before I decided that this tiny disappointment (so, so silly in the grand scheme of things) would not get the best of me today. So we got a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and went on our merry way. And I'm counting that as a win. Starting small, friends, starting small.

In other weekend news:
*we found this adorable, wonderful taco restaurant in the West Village on Friday night.
*we tormented our poor Gus by turning one of his toys into a puppet. One of us is going to lose a finger, for sure. 
*after my run on Saturday morning, I made my way to the grocery store and checked out before 8:30am. this may not sound like anything exciting and new, but it is. mostly because a) grocery shopping in NYC during peak times is absolutely the worst and b) we almost always do big grocery runs together so that we can carry more bags home. 
*we took Gus to the dog park and came home to bake a pumpkin pie. 
*we brunched at our favorite diner on Saturday and took (another) long walk in Central Park. 
*we spent a lot of time talking, just the two of us. 
*we booked a hotel for a quick stay in DC over Thanksgiving, before we head to my grandparents' house. we're so looking forward to it! 
*since work took over this week and I can't seem to sleep past 6:30 these days, I've tried to get some down-time on weekend afternoons. today, Little Women and a quick nap with the pup fit the bill. 
 ^^the other day we were discussing our favorite breakfast foods (naturally) and Blake mentioned that he prefers French toast over pancakes or waffles. fortunately, we had stale French bread that needed to be put to use this morning.^^
 ^^fashion week is upon us here in NYC.^^
 ^^Gus is really excited that it's now (almost) sheep sock weather.^^
 ^^these beautiful vintage boots arrived in the mail the other day. I adore them.^^