A very rainy Labor Day.

We're celebrating our Labor Day mostly indoors, away from the heat and rain that's taking over the city. I headed out early to take advantage of some holiday sales (camo pants and some simple new apartment decor from Anthropologie. that store. I'll take one of everything, please). I also dropped by Bouchon Bakery for a coffee, which I drank in Rockefeller Center while catching up with a friend.

Since I've recently become completely obsessed with metallic gold (and anything remotely mid century modern, for that matter), I stopped by the hardware store on the way home and grabbed paint supplies so that I can turn everything in our little apartment to gold. I'm only kind of joking. But more on that later.

Some other things from this weekend:
*a long walk in Central Park on Friday, followed by waffles (I swore I'd never be able to eat again after enjoying this ridiculousness) and the opera at Lincoln Center. 
*more runs, followed by a search for the perfect produce at the farmer's market. (I found it, and it will soon be baked into an apple pie.)
*Office marathons in a fort. (we could watch this show a million times over and we'd still laugh like maniacs whenever Steve Carell opens his mouth.)
*I've been turning on anything with Audrey in it when I make breakfast in the morning. (this will always be my favorite, but I do love this and this.)
*bread baking. (I discovered two recipes that are so, so easy and delicious.)
*a walk down by the East River Esplanade. (we haven't been since Memorial Day, so we decided it's a holiday tradition.)

Who's excited for September? We are so ready.
^^my favorite Labor Day find^^
 ^^this pup climbed on the bed when the yellow terror (a.k.a. the vacuum) came out, and refuses to come down. "it's just not safe," he says.^^