A weekend away.

We're away for the weekend - spending time in Connecticut to celebrate the births of some of the ones we love. It's been the perfect newly-autumn weekend.  This space an hour and a half away from the city can feel like a completely different world. The weather has been fantastic, the food delicious and the company wonderful.

A few weekend things:
*a lobster dinner by the pool in honor of my father.
*football with a little nugget who loves to run/rip apart anything resembling a toy.
*attempts to cure a cold.
*produce from my brother's garden. how beautiful does that look?
*a trip to IKEA. And ohhhh my goodness do we miss that store in the city.
*mornings on the back deck with pumpkin spice coffee.
*long walks down by the beach with my person and my pup.
*the Guilford Fair, which we haven't been to in years. we love a good fair.
*brunch at the Old Lyme Inn with all four of my grandparents. banana stuffed french toast. that's all I have to say about that.
*pumpkin hunting at a local orchard. we got a teeny tiny one that will fit our apartment quite nicely.