^^I took quite a few trips to Connecticut over the summer (accompanied by good books and Ginger Mint Lemonade) and we went out to dinner with my family to celebrate the purchase of my sister and brother-in-law's new home.^^
^^I went out with some colleagues to celebrate a birthday and we rehearsed for Heather and Brian's wedding on one windy evening in August.^^
 ^^Heather looked completely stunning on her wedding day and we walked all over the city one weekend when my parents came to visit.^^
 ^^we celebrated Blake's birthday with a little Doughnut Plant and we took a morning hike while we were in Connecticut.^^
 ^^with work closing a few hours early the Friday before Labor Day, Blake and I headed into Central Park for a long walk. we tried a great new Thai restaurant with friends one evening.^^
^^I had brunch with an old friend who moved back to Houston (and is missed!) and we watched the opera in Lincoln Center.^^
 ^^I've been grabbing produce from the farmers market on the way home from runs in the park and we saw a wedding in our little community garden one Tuesday night.^^
 ^^I tried Bouchon Bakery in Rockefeller Center for the first time and we walked through the Irish Hunger Memorial on an August afternoon.^^
 ^^my office has offered Pinkberry on the roof on a few of the warmer summer Fridays and I reconnected with a dear friend over a glass of wine.^^