New phones, and other weekend things.

On Saturday, we spent an hour at the Midtown East Apple store, recycling my old phone and getting the new iPhone 5c. I'm relatively inept when it comes to mobile technology, and I hadn't ever backed up my previous phone on iCloud. The Apple staff was a little baffled, but I walked away with a brand new phone with all kinds of capabilities (most of which I'll never use), and I'm feeling like a new woman. It's kind of sad, I suppose. That little device has become such an extension of my social life, despite its rare software updates and app downloads.

We had such a great weekend. I'm sorry to see it go.

Other weekend things:
- I Love Lucy marathons. I'd like to go back in time and be Lucille Ball's best friend, please. 
- Late night grocery shopping = the makings of a wild and crazy date. 
- Running into friends after brunch in a plaza near our apartment. 
- Is it just me, or are there more pumpkin-flavored foods/drinks this year than ever before? I'm all about it. I grabbed pumpkin spice granola and made caramel stuffed pumpkin cookies this weekend, because I want fall to explode out of this apartment. This might be the last time I talk about pumpkin? But probably not. 
- A walk up 5th Avenue past the Central Park Zoo. 
- Early runs and a morning by the Central Park Baseball Fields with husband and pup. 
- Long afternoon reads and back rubs.
- Shopping for new street vendor art outside of the Met. 
- I've mentioned it before, but this sermon series has been so great. Highly recommend. 
- This soup, which I've eaten three times in three different states over the last week. It's a problem. 
- This song has been on repeat in our home. This candle is making our bathroom smell amazing. This store has been major trouble for me. This clip made us laugh so, so hard. 
- And there was pizza at John's