Off seasons, and other weekend things.

Lately, we've been run ragged by the time the weekend rolls around. Not sure what it is - maybe we're still coming down from summer schedules?

And having the semester off from school has me feeling out of sorts. It's been two years since I graduated from college, but that first fall out of school was filled with the busyness of a new job and the following fall marked the beginning of my study with Tufts. With the final semester of my certification pushed to the spring due to course relevance, I feel like I'm constantly forgetting something. Perhaps it's time for a season of relative quiet? There is a discipline learned from that, also.

(for opportunities to grow, unexpectedly) 

I think God may be using this time to open a new window, but I'm not sure we're ready to say what that window is just yet.

Onto other things from our weekend:
*pumpkin bread making and pumpkin candle burning. we are all kinds of pumpkin over here.
*a sermon on wisdom from Tim Keller of the oh-wow-i-should-think-about-that-all-day variety. you can hear the first sermon in the series here.
*more runs and walks in the park. more trips to the grocery store.
*a trip to the flea market, where we found that beautiful ring. the funny thing? once i saw it again, i wasn't quite as gung-ho about it. the inability to make small, unimportant decisions strikes again.
*i know the whole best-pizza-in-NYC business is a highly controversial one, but I'm throwing this place in the ring. if i could bring one food to a deserted island, it would be the tomato and cheese pitza.
*afternoon naps and long reads (i just ordered this and this; both came highly recommended).
*williamsburg. there's something about it in the fall. we headed that way for Smorgasburg and a little vintage shopping on Saturday.
*outdoor brunch and knock-your-socks-off French toast.
*a new Halloween costume for Gus. i squealed like a small child when we saw it in the store. it's pretty incredible. we also found him a bow tie, which doesn't fit around his chubby neck. file those two under "necessary purchases."
*and of course there was Duncan.