The first of the season.

I started to feel it coming on last night, but it's now official: I have my very first cold of the season.

I was in New Jersey meeting with clients for most of the afternoon, and the first disgusting symptoms (perpetually runny nose, inability to close your mouth for fear you won't be able to breathe through your nose, etc.) hit on the return trip. I headed straight home, wrapped myself in every blanket we own and cooked up a bowl of Brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprouts aren't some magical cold cure, if you were wondering. They're just delicious.

I'm praying that this gross thing fades fairly quickly, as I'm headed to Connecticut for a visit tomorrow and my best snugglers (Blake and Gus, obviously) are already out there. On a crazier note, sickness seems to be the harbinger of full-fledged autumn, so that gets me (a little bit) excited.

(for the warmest, thickest blankets)
(for candles, even when you can't really smell them)
(for old reruns on tv)