The ring, and other weekend things.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I'm a fairly inflexible person. When we've made a plan, that is The Plan. There is no Plan B. Come hell or high water, The Plan must be followed. It's something that I seem to be working on constantly, and I recognize it as one of my more unattractive faults. 

Enter this beautiful morning. On the way home from church, we (or maybe I?) made a plan to stop by a flea market to get a stunning ring that I have been thinking about for over a month now. I was completely thrilled about finally getting that little ring. Until we walked the market once. And then again. And then one more time. No booth with my lovely ring. 

I moped for about five minutes before I decided that this tiny disappointment (so, so silly in the grand scheme of things) would not get the best of me today. So we got a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and went on our merry way. And I'm counting that as a win. Starting small, friends, starting small.

In other weekend news:
*we found this adorable, wonderful taco restaurant in the West Village on Friday night.
*we tormented our poor Gus by turning one of his toys into a puppet. One of us is going to lose a finger, for sure. 
*after my run on Saturday morning, I made my way to the grocery store and checked out before 8:30am. this may not sound like anything exciting and new, but it is. mostly because a) grocery shopping in NYC during peak times is absolutely the worst and b) we almost always do big grocery runs together so that we can carry more bags home. 
*we took Gus to the dog park and came home to bake a pumpkin pie. 
*we brunched at our favorite diner on Saturday and took (another) long walk in Central Park. 
*we spent a lot of time talking, just the two of us. 
*we booked a hotel for a quick stay in DC over Thanksgiving, before we head to my grandparents' house. we're so looking forward to it! 
*since work took over this week and I can't seem to sleep past 6:30 these days, I've tried to get some down-time on weekend afternoons. today, Little Women and a quick nap with the pup fit the bill. 
 ^^the other day we were discussing our favorite breakfast foods (naturally) and Blake mentioned that he prefers French toast over pancakes or waffles. fortunately, we had stale French bread that needed to be put to use this morning.^^
 ^^fashion week is upon us here in NYC.^^
 ^^Gus is really excited that it's now (almost) sheep sock weather.^^
 ^^these beautiful vintage boots arrived in the mail the other day. I adore them.^^