Gravity, and other weekend things.

^^this is such a beautiful magazine.^^
We went out on a date last night - a proper one, with food and long walks and a movie theater. It brought us back to the early months of our relationship, when everything was new and thrilling. But you know, I wouldn't go back to it. Not for all of its wonderful mystery. I loved that time, but there is so much joy and challenge in marriage. Plus, casually dating while you're married has its own perks.

Anyway, we headed up to the Upper West Side to see Gravity in 3D. And let me tell you, being stranded in outer space is a truly terrifying concept. I was feeling claustrophobic just watching. But what an incredible movie. We highly recommend seeing it, if you get the chance.

Other weekend things:
*Game night our friends' apartment, where Blake demonstrated some of his amazing Celebrity skills.
*So many visits to Central Park, I lost count.
*A trip to Trader Joe's, where I bought every pumpkin-flavored thing they sell. I wish that were an exaggeration.
*A long, hazy walk with Gus, who is currently passed out in his castle (crate).
*We stopped on the way home from this long walk for Burrito Box. Nom.
*So much laundry. So, so much laundry.
*More Lucy. Gus and I can't get enough of that show on Saturday mornings.
*Sales at Urban Outfitters. I swear, I can't walk past that store without being lured in by massive discounts.
*A birthday celebration for a dear friend in Chinatown, where we learned the proper way to eat soup dumplings.