Like I said, this week has been a busy one (and I still haven't gotten a new highlighter...) The year seems to kick into high gear towards the middle of October, rushing in the holidays and all of its travels and deadlines and celebrations. I got our company's holiday party invitation yesterday and was all what, already? How? 

In these weeks of too few free moments, I realize how much I enjoy being in our home. I'm so proud that we've created this little part of the city that's completely our own. It's become a representation of the things that we love, the things that inspire us, the places and people who make us smile. Much like this blog, in some ways.

Last night the three of us collapsed on our bed (we put down the "special blanket" so that Gus knew he could join us) for a few minutes when I got home from work and talked about the day. And in these moments, I can't help but think how wonderful this little life is and how the whole of it is such an extravagant gift.