Old souls, and other weekend things.

A few of my former colleagues referred to me as "The Old Soul" - a nickname earned during Monday meetings in which some would share details of their Saturday morning hangovers and dating escapades... and I would share how I had tea with friends on Saturday afternoon, started knitting a new scarf and read a great biography. Awwesomme.

In high school I thought my 90-year-old soul was uncool. Hide that thing under a bushel, my subconscious said. Now, I love this soul of mine. And I found another old soul (husband) to spend my life with. We will watch documentaries and listen to classical music and have wine tastings with friends until our bodies catch up. And it will be glorious.

How to spend a weekend, if you're an old soul:
*On Friday evening, we headed to a ramen bar in the West Village. I love that ramen can't decide if it wants to be soup, salad or a pasta dish.
*I spent Saturday morning at a baby shower for a dear friend, who is due in less than a month!
*We took a walk through the park on Saturday. The leaves are finally beginning to change.
*I ran through the finish line of the NYC marathon (next weekend) yesterday. The bleachers were empty, but I felt like a big deal.
*We watched The Out-of-Towners for the first time in ages. Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn might be the funniest couple of all time.
*I went to a fundraiser for She's the First, an organization I stand behind wholeheartedly. I've talked about it before, but check it out if you haven't already!
*Gus found a new best friend at the dog park, and they played like puppies.
*We co-taught our first class of toddlers at church this morning. Oh my goodness, the energy of those kids. Who knew parachutes were so. much. fun.
*Big Nick's and their waffle fries. Best/least healthy decision made all weekend.
*Judy Garland has been an afternoon necessity lately. Judy's voice soothes the soul.
*I'm on the market for some new Christmas ornaments, and I'm in love with these and these and these. Really, I'll take anything that Gus won't eat off the tree.