On Wednesday Morning.

^^this is the new view from my desk after the whole reconfiguring that I talked about on Friday. Not so terrible, I suppose...^^
^^this little guy was itching one of this wrinkles (a common bulldog problem) so I had to put a sock on him. and oh, has he mastered the pathetic look.^^
My to-do list is a bit of a mess this week. And one of my highlighters ran out on Monday, so it's throwing my whole planner organization system off. I need to make a stop at Duane Reade to pick up another highlighter, but I don't have a highlighter to highlight that to-do, so how am I to categorize it? Someone please save me from myself. 

In any case, here are a few fabulous photos of my morning for your viewing pleasure. If this post were any more riveting, I would have to receive some kind of award. But guys, please look at Gus. Just look at him. That is so worth sharing. 

Happy Wednesday!