Our city.

New York is a crazy place. In the sum of nearly three years living here, I've sat next to Big Bird on the subway, watched a neighbor take a golf club to a car parked on our street and was nearly trampled by a fight at a restaurant in which a woman was pulled across the floor by her hair. The city is filled with angry bikers, elderly men who sunbathe in thongs, frantic tourists who will take you down with their handbags and scores of people who will wait in eight hour lines for ten minute experiences.

But in our years of living here, we've walked down some beautiful streets and met some wonderful people. We've seen a fraction of the breadth of human compassion and joy. We've expanded the heck out of our horizons, and let this place rock our world. In so many ways, moving here was one of our best decisions. Today, we're so thankful we made that leap.