Return trip.

^^if I could eat this breakfast and use that hotel gym every morning, I would be the picture of health. minus three cups of coffee. smallish ones.^^
^^a fraction of the snacks that I got at this conference. trick-or-treaters are going to be SO EXCITED when they stop by our apartment this year. kids love dried prunes.^^
I spent last night's flight back into LaGuardia collecting notes, sorting business cards and watching HGTV (real estate shows. i'm like a moth to the flame.) When the pilot announced our descent into the NYC area, I opened my window to see the lights of the city illuminating the world below me. Not too far off, there were planes rising off the runway like lit balloons headed into the night sky.

In all of the places that I've traveled to, nothing thrills me quite as much as returning to this little patch of the world and the people (and pups) who live in it.

(for homecomings)
(for safety in travel) 
(for the store manager who let me buy yellow Gatorade after hours. bless you, store manager.)