Sweater weather.

We are so stinkin' happy it's October around here, and we're praying for some solid fall weather after what looks to be an uncharacteristically warm few days. My fall clothes are begging to be taken down from the closet where they've been hibernating through the summer. The leggings miss their brown boot friends (I'm such a stereotype right now. It's so gross.) The coats have been gone so long, they're beginning to look new again. I could hug them all.

I'm also going to go ahead and agree with all the other people who have already asked it: where did September go? 2013 is flying.

And it's almost Christmas, friends. Is it too soon to bring out string lights? I'm of the school of thought (there is one, I'm sure, and it's largely comprised of store layout managers who put out Christmas trees in July) that accepts Christmas cheer year-round. I mean, why not?

(for crunchy leaves, perfect for a bulldog snack)
(for tofu and vegetables from the Thai place down the street) 
(for lots of birthdays this season)