The dog park, and other weekend things.

This afternoon we took Gus to one of his favorite places in the whole world - the dog park. We normally go to the one next to the Intrepid Museum, which is a quick walk from our apartment. It's also right on the water and most of the dogs we've run into have been friendly.

As luck would have it, our favorite park was closed today, so we headed up to another dog park nearby to let Gus run around. We hadn't been since Gus was just a pup, and I'd forgotten how nicely that park is shaded under bright autumn leaves. The dog ran around like a wild animal, encouraging others to chase him, then getting shy and hiding behind benches. He also thought it was a fine opportunity to soak everyone at the park after repeated dips in a kiddie pool.

When we brought him back home, Gus shivered (as in teeth-chattering, bum-wiggling shivering) until he dried.

Some of us are ready for autumn. Others aren't so sure.

More from our weekend:
*A Saturday afternoon up at The Cloisters. Medieval art appreciation has become an October tradition.
*And we couldn't walk by Mister Softee without getting a vanilla cone to share.
*Routine doctor appointments of the dullest variety.
*A grocery run and vegetarian chili on Friday night, followed by Harry Potter.
*An interview at our church for a volunteer children's ministry opportunity. Starting next month, we'll have a class of twelve three-year-olds on Sundays. We can't wait.
*New running shoes, finally. I'm swearing off knee pain. It must be done.
*We made an apple pie that we'll be sharing with friends this week. This is how we foster friendships.
*Sweater shopping and closet organizing in preparation for cooler weather.
*I started this great book (thanks for the recommendation, Valgerdur) and can't put it down.
*Sunday brunching at a 50s-themed restaurant that streams music from the decade. It makes me think of my dear Pop, who gave his children a healthy appreciation for The McGuire Sisters and Bobby Darin.
 ^^No ice cream in the cone? What is this travesty?^^
^^a friend just brought these back from Hong Kong. aren't they the cutest?^^
^^flexibility right here. and the teeniest glimpse of a tongue.^^