Working from home on a rainy Friday.

There's a bit of a desk shuffle going on at my PR firm, so I worked from home on this rainy Friday. It was kind of wonderful, really. Not having to schlep my way through the subway with rain boots and an umbrella is a win in my book. Plus, it gave me a little more time to sleep, a little more time to work out and the opportunity to have lunch with Lawrence Blake.

We escaped the house for a quick break at a Thai place that we love (Viv, if anyone is local and looking for a cheap lunch) and grabbed coffee on the way back to the apartment. At some point, we realized that we left our umbrella back at the restaurant and had to go back for it. We can't be trusted with umbrellas. We forget them every time we bring them out. In the land of missing umbrellas, we are king and queen.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working with a bulldog asleep on my lap. Please excuse the loud snoring on my end, fellow conference-callers.

Anyway, we're looking forward to the rain letting up (or not. we're ok with that, too.) for a great weekend. I'm on the hunt for some new running shoes and we have a ridiculous amount of cleaning to do. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!

(for an extra 15 minutes of sleep) 
(for new desks, new views)
(for an empty laundromat on a Friday afternoon)