Alpine frost, and other weekend things.

After church yesterday morning, it seemed the perfect day to wander along Central Park, stop by our favorite diner for omelets and make our way home in the chilly November air. Once we closed the door to our apartment, the sky turned dark and a cold shower fell on our little community garden. We curled up on the bed with a stinky pup (in all fairness, the stinkiness is our fault. he's been getting a lot of cheese lately.) to read and make Christmas gift lists.

Admittedly, we've jumped the gun on Christmas this year. Some years need a little premature Christmas spirit. And so I've started decorating, little by little, since I always feel the need to throw everything together the day we get home from Thanksgiving away. This weekend, we also spent way too much time (it's best not to calculate the minutes/hours of these things.) choosing holiday candles. That business is a sickness, I tell you. Do you know what alpine frost smells like? Well, neither did we, but BAM! it's a regular alpine frost all over our bathroom right now. Like actually experiencing frost in the Alps. I've never been, but obviously I no longer need to go.

In other news:
*Blake threw his back out while playing with the toddlers in children's church on Sunday. Please take a moment to fully digest how old that statement makes us sound. In all seriousness, I feel bad for the guy. But he got a rockstar backrub out of the situation, so I think he might be milking it for a few more days...
*Gus got a moose (the cutest little thing) to add to his woodland creature toy collection. It is now a voiceless, antler-less moose. Poor moose.
*I had two coffee dates with old friends, who are moving on with exciting new life plans. Bittersweet and highly-caffeinated, that's how I'm feeling.
*On Friday morning, we made pumpkin protein pancakes and watched Disney movies, because if we're not 90 years old, we're 9.
*We headed downtown on Saturday for a walk through the Union Square Greenmarket, lunch at an old sandwich shop and book browsing at Barnes & Noble. There might have been a hot chocolate from City Bakery thrown in there, too. That stuff is insane. Two sips and I was down for the count.
*It wouldn't be a weekend without a few walks/runs in the park. So we did some of that, too.

Happy Monday, friends.