And here we are.

Like iPhone photos? Well hey there, you'll be seeing a lot of those around here over the next week or so. In the rush out of our apartment last night (we waited until the laaaast buzzer of the UConn game), I forgot to bring our trusty camera, most especially intended for holidays, family get-togethers and travels. It was a truly massive disappointment, seeing as this week will contain all three muses in the photography trilogy. It's a sad day in Walkerland. 

In any case, we woke up at my parents' house this morning and basked in the majesty of their guest accommodations ("the carriage house," if you're fancy). It's partially wonderful because we're very accustomed to our fairly old (but so lovable!) apartment, and anything stainless steel gives us a minor heart attack. It's also pretty wonderful because my dad is a great (co-) builder, my mom is a great decorator and Pottery Barn furniture is fantastically comfortable. Like sleeping on clouds, I tell you! 

Also, so many adjectives in this post. Yikes. 

We're here in Connecticut until Tuesday afternoon, and we're kind of in our element. We really like our families. They're pretty much the bee's knees.