Boston, and other weekend things.

This is Jumbo, and he has an interesting story
One of the things I miss most about college is seeing the gorgeous Massachusetts leaves change over. We get a little of it here in the city, but nothing compares to Boston in autumn.

This weekend I headed up to Cambridge to visit with old friends and walk around the Tufts University campus. Because my courses through the Tufts Friedman School are all online, I haven't really had the opportunity to explore. Now that Loo is studying computer science at the school and moved to an apartment a few blocks away, we figured it was time we got to know the area better. Frigidly cold, but absolutely stunning. 

Other weekend things: 
*We went to our favorite wine and cheese bar with friends on Halloween night. This is how we know we're no longer 18-year-old hooligans (though we did see a lot of people in their late 20s behaving like hooligans). Also, we use the word "hooligans". 
*My grand Friday night plans were thwarted by our overstuffed couch. You win again, couch. You win again. 
*Morning in Central Park with our slowly changing leaves and early marathon festivities. 
*Last-minute costumes for a Halloween party. If you saw two people running through Somerville in curly blue wigs last night, it miiight have been us. 
*Dinner and late night talks with Loo in her new apartment. 
*A rainy Sunday morning trek to ricotta-stuffed French toast and pumpkin spice coffee. 
*Two long bus rides. The second one ended with insane marathon traffic, so I ended up getting out and making my way home through Harlem in 40 degree temperatures without a coat. So. fun. 
*Sunday night football and snuggles with the two sweetest guys I know (one person and one pup).