Crazy ramblings for your Thursday morning, and a semi-related photo.

*When we were kids, my sister and I begged and begged our parents for a dog, and my parents appeased us with some of the strangest creatures that have ever graced a suburban habitat - rats, chickens, an eclectus parrot, etc. early on, we ended up with hermit crabs, who were interesting by merit of the fact that they could choose their home and walk around in it (such fun). our petstore had those weird painted shells, some with Yankees logos, some with rainbows and flowers and a bright yellow sun. it got a little out of hand, really. I mean, why are we forcing these poor creatures to represent our favorite sports teams? also, why do we care that much? in any case, my sister and I woke up one morning to find that our hermit crabs had eaten. each. other. I can't explain the physics of it, but it happened, and all we had left was a bunch of legs all over the cage. in case you were wondering, this is a highly traumatizing visual when you're five.
*speaking of pets, I'm not sure there's any feeling better than having a floppy-faced bulldog rest his head on your shoulder at night. and I used to be suuuch a germophobe. that dog sniffs goodness knows how many nasties and strange dog bums on the street each day, and I still adore being his headrest. whaaat is happening?
*when I first started my undergrad, I was a kinesiology major. it was pretty much the dorkiest thing I could think of at the time, which is why I did it. even though I switched majors, I learned a lot during my time as a kinesiologist. plus, I got some rad lab goggles out of that scenario. and i got to refer to myself as a "kinesiologist" for a few months.
*do you know what haglund's deformity is? well, I have it, though we've taken to calling it "heffalump's disease" around here, because it sounds a little less terrifying. ultimately, I plan to become an advocate for the heffalump-afflicted everywhere, demanding a  more innocuous medical term to impress and intimidate the non-afflicted with. we will also institute an official "hump day" (Wednesday, obviously), in which all of the heffalumps receive free meals, concert tickets, shoes (orthopedic, obviously), etc., etc. heffalumps, unite!
*have you tried the bagels from Trader Joe's? I am here to testify that they are beyond amazing.

Happy Thursday, and congrats on getting to the end of this nonsense!