DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.

Brooklyn is growing on me. When we first moved to the city, I was definitely one of those no-way-am-i-moving-to-an-outer-borough types. I had a shallow understanding of what the surrounding communities had to offer, and was still infatuated with Manhattan. I'm still infatuated, in a way, but Manhattan and I are friends in spite of days like these.

And Brooklyn. It has this fantastic, eccentric personality that we eat up on weekend adventures. I'm not sure we'll ever move out there, but I wouldn't rule it out. Especially not after seeing a friend's enormous apartment in DUMBO this weekend. It took us about 10 minutes to get our jaws off the ground. "Your place is soooo great," we kept saying. "Soooo, soooo great." Over 800 square feet of space has the tendency to give us adjective amnesia.

In other news, Lawrence Blake now wears button down shirts and loafers on all occasions. He's such a charmer.