Holiday shops, and other weekend things.

Visiting the holiday shops at Bryant Park is one of my favorite traditions here in the city. We rarely buy anything, but we love to wander. The shops are filled with tourists - families from Germany and France, couples on their honeymoons, students who are drawn to the energy of New York. It's one of those only-in-the-city experiences of different cultures colliding in a patchwork market that looks like it jumped right out of a Tim Allen Christmas movie.

This weekend was pretty stellar, for a few reasons:
*we went to an Alternate Routes concert at Joe's Pub (which is nothing like any pub I've ever been to) on Friday night. a night for the books.
*speaking of books, we stopped by the Strand to pick up a travel book, because we've started to plan our vacation in May. European destination suggestions welcome!
*Blake got his groomsman suit fitted for a friend's wedding in July. that guy in a suit. dreamboat.
*I headed out to Brooklyn on Saturday to visit a coworker who recently had a beautiful little girl. Blake and I met up afterward for brunch and a walk along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.
*sermons in bed on a rainy Sunday.
*we took Gus to the dog park, which is always a ridiculous experience. he's crazy excited the whole walk over, then refuses to go in. we have to drag him through the gate and encourage him for a solid five minutes before he decides that he's actually having fun. weirdo.
*of course, there were the shops at Bryant Park, where we tried chimney cake. walker approved.
*we watched Inception again, after seeing this hypothesis about the ending. mind. blown.
*again, speaking of, I read this awesome exclusive on Leonardo DiCaprio. "A rounded feeling in your mouth, a space where other tastes may grow, a presence defined by an absence." that line. it's poetry.
*Christmas movies, Christmas shopping and Christmas cards. they're all happening over here. I watched 12 Dates of Christmas today and didn't hate it even a little.