^^We discovered ramen, and decided it's delicious. I wandered past Lincoln Center on my way home from a run and got distracted by their new art installations.^^
^^Loo and I looked stunning in blue wigs, and Heather was a very convincing Leslie Knope. Gus found the most comfortable place to relax during my at-home workouts.^^
^^We celebrated Andrea's birthday in Chinatown, and I made way too many (double batch definitely not necessary) pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for a colleague's birthday.^^
^^The leaves in Central Park looked lovely this past weekend, and Blake blew everyone away with his impressions during game night.^^
^^We made this pistachio cherry cake for Joanna's birthday (so many fall birthdays. it's insane.) and I went to a fundraiser for a colleague running a marathon for She's the First.^^
^^Loo and I wandered Tufts on a rainy Sunday and we took over an enormous table at Flatiron Hall for a(nother) birthday celebration with friends.^^
 ^^We headed to Carmine's for a family-style dinner with friends and celebrated (surprise) another birthday at small group.^^
 ^^I went to a fascinating lecture on GMOs at the New York City Bar Association; that building is beyond beautiful. We ended up with the greatest seats for Duncan Sheik's performance at 54 Below.^^
^^Our department offsite was at the New York Academy of Art (I spy Miley...), and I saw many sunsets from our office on the Hudson.^^