Midas Touch.

1} side table, 2} deer with gold antlers, 3} Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All - and you can read a recent essay from Allan Gurganus in the New York Times here, 4} gorgeous boots from Sole Society (size 6), 5} wall quote or anything from that beautiful Etsy shop, 6} record player, 7} drinking glasses, 8} headphones

Truly, I'm of the mindset that it's better to give than to receive (pats on back and things), but if I haaad to choose a few pretty items that I've had my eye on this year, this is what I would select. 

I'm all about pretty much anything gold. Like a moth to the flame. Gold is my spirit color, I've decided, and it should be seen everywhere, on all things. Not the real stuff, of course, but I've found that a little splash of gold paint can work wonders

In other news, my nails are painted gold right now, and it's rocking my world.