Washington, D.C. for the holiday.

My grandparents live in the Washington, D.C. area, which is one of my favorite places in the US. I think it's largely because I associate the area with family reunions and autumn (which everyone knows is the greatest season of all). Almost every year, we take a road trip down for the holiday weekend and spend some time in the city. 

A few photos from our getaway: 

^^Blake and I spent Tuesday night and Wednesday morning exploring the city on our own. we stayed on Capitol Hill (highly recommend this hotel - so close to everything!) and wandered around the Capitol in the pouring rain on Tuesday evening. we also ate that this place and visited the National Zoo on Wednesday.^^
^^the Botanic Gardens are lovely, though we wished we could have seen the Christmas decorations that go up the day after Thanksgiving. we also stopped in the National Museum of Natural History to thaw out our feet, which were frozen 90% of the day.^^
^^on Thursday we headed over to my grandparents' place for Thanksgiving, where we were given place card duty. we made these beautiful things; they smelled amazing. and because these are out of order, here's another photo of Blake at the National Gallery of Art on Wednesday.^^
 ^^we explored Mount Vernon with my sister (Jillian) and her husband (Aaron) on Friday, and decided that the Washingtons had some pretty nice digs on that beautiful river.^^
 ^^I went on a long walk with my parents and sister before the feast, and we forced our poor Pop to pose in front of these cross streets, since his name is Edward and he's a big fan of bacon. we're so clever! the cleverest! there were also many, many games of Dominion played.^^