A snow date.

Yesterday at around 9pm, there was nothing we wanted to do more than play a board game. And you have to understand how unusual this is; while Blake is a big fan of games of all kind, I've found that games have the ability to provoke an unbecoming intensity in me. It's not the game's fault, I realize, but hey - I'm working on it.

In any case, the time had come for game playing and snow gallivanting, since we have approximately two games in this apartment and both require far too much thought for a Saturday night. So we donned our gay apparel and ventured out into the snow, which had transfixed the whole of the city in its charms. I dare you to find me a single person who doesn't fall head over heels for Manhattan under a blanket of white. I just dare you.

We spent an hour in the Times Square Toys"R"Us (the closest toy store to our apartment, as luck would have it), landed on Monopoly (the standard. Blake wouldn't even let me get the "Empire" version. isn't that the meanest?) and stopped at Amy's Bread for tea and a slice of the city's best carrot cake to share. I don't even like carrot cake, but this stuff is of rockstar quality.

In all honesty, the actual game playing didn't end terrrribly well. But we keep pressing on, in the name of progress, overcoming shortcomings and all of that.

On a related note, I love my husband. He's the best snow date buddy there ever was.