Connecticut sunsets, and other weekend things.

While we were in Connecticut last weekend, we took a cold walk with our pup as the sun was setting. I could eat up our beautiful hometown at this time of the day, during any season. And Gus was pretty content with all of the leaf crunching and tree sniffing.

Other weekend things:
*we had dinner at Pepe's in New Haven on Saturday evening, after waiting in line for a whole hour and ten minutes. but we were joined by our dear friends Rebekah and James, so that kind of made our week.
*we celebrated Christmas for the second time on Sunday at my grandparents' home, which was beautiful and tradition-filled. and all was right with the world.
*Blake played 1,506,304 rounds of Dominion. not really, but still. I'm seeing an intervention in our future.
*Gus had a bath, and we remembered that his natural coloring is white and brindle, not yellow and brindle.
*we made three trips to IKEA, the land of magically low prices on home goods. it is my happy place.
*I went out with my papa for breakfast on Monday morning. omelets + talks with my dear old dad = the greatest way to begin a week.
*then Blake's mom (Candygram, if you're a 70 lb. bulldog) came into the city with us, and we ate empanadas.

We're having a low-key New Year's Eve around here. We've decided that the three of us will ring in 2014 in our little apartment, recognizing all of the blessings that have come our way in 2013, and setting goals for the coming year.

Happy holiday to you all!